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Season 2 ...

"You know, this is the only Xena I've ever known. I find it difficult to understand the hatred she gets sometimes when we travel from people who just don't know her the way I know her. I guess they're just afraid of the old Xena."

"Well, they say that a single bite from a Bacchae can turn a young innocent woman into a wild, soulless creature whose only allegiance is to Bacchus. And, once bitten, she's lured into his lair to drink his blood. If she does, there's no way to save her. She becomes a Bacchae...forever. They say Bacchaean woman can take many forms, sometimes just roaming the forrests as wolves, to them an unquenchable thirst for blood. They track their intended victim relentlessly until they corner him and tear him limb from limb. But, if you ask me, I think the stories are exagerated. You know, just made up to give people a really good scare...AAHHH!"

"My ideals were a lie. I thought love was the strongest power on earth. What a fool. Love is helpless in the face of cruelty."

"Xena, wake up and look around you. The little, innocent Gabrielle is dead and there's no getting her back"

"'Big-mouthed idiot.' Maybe it's a code. Maybe it means something. Maybe I'm gonna kill her!"

"I know what the plan is...you're trying to drive me insane!"

"This is such a mess. You wish you hadn't killed her, Joxer wishes he had killed her, and I wish she'd never been born. I guess Callisto won after all."

"Xena, you know, I don't know if I'm gonna get used to this. It's so weird having your best friend in the body of your worst enemy. Could you dye your hair?"

"‘What's the matter with me' is what I might do to you if you don't shut up!"

"Joxer, it pains me to tell you that all day I have fantasized about ripping you heart out!"

"Once in a land far away, there was this rich, but miserly, king named Croesus and his heart was so hard that his servants begged the gods to intervene. They sent the fates to separate the strands of his life so that he may see himself more clearly. Unfortunately, Croesus didn't mend his ways. So, the gods turned him into a spirit doomed to walk the earth forever as invisible to others as they were to him in life ... actually, I didn't like to ending of that story anyway. But, we could change it ... (to Xena) if we tried?"

"Look, if we can change the King's mind without changing any of his anatomy, think of the example it could be to the children."

"Trust me, Xena, if there's one thing I know, it's how to bargain."

"And, from that day on, we've honored and celebrated it as a time of rebirth for our wishes and dreams, a time of coming together and enjoying peace. It's the shortest day with the longest night. But, on this special night a new light, a new chance is born to us all. So, it's a time for miracles and good will towards all living creatures. That's why the Winter Solstice means so much and touches us all so deeply."

"She's a very physical person."

"I was speaking metaphorically, we shadows from the past tend to do that."

"Look, you say you're afraid of small spaces. Well, that's exactly how you live your whole life, in a small space afraid to stand up for anyone else, or yourself. Don't you see? What you're most afraid will happen has happened. The question is, what are you going to do about it?"

"Contest. Pageant. It's a feeble excuse for men to exploit and degrade women."

"I do not tell her anything. We are a team. I ask."

"Remember, a beauty pageant is like a war. To win you have to be fired with the heat of competition ... the power ... the passion ... the desire to win."

"You've changed, Xena, like this valley. Once it was full of death and violence, but now it's full of beauty and life. The same kind of change has happened to you."

"Xena, I know you can hear me wherever you are. I know you always told me to be strong. But I can't be, not now. You can't leave me. I know it's not your time. I can fell it in my heart. I feel this emptiness that I have never felt before and it scares me. Above all, just remember to fight. Fight to come back. This world needs you. I need you."

"She's gone. She just left me. How could she do that? She just left. I really want to hate her for it."

"I miss her. There are so many things that I wish I could tell her ... I would have told her how empty my life was before she came, and all the lessons I've learned, and that I love her."

"Xena, look, they made me Queen, me, the little girl you found in Potiedaia. It's time that I let you go. See, I have to find my own life, just as you were searching for your's. You know, there are two kinds of tears, tears for those who leave you, and tears for those you never let go. And, I won't say goodbye to you, Xena, because we'll be together again ... one day."

"Xena, promise me that you'll never die on me again."

"Xena, you know, you shouldn't bottle up your emotions. Now if there's some sort of hurt or jealousy operating here, then get it out ... great, just walk away from me. What, am I just talking to myself here?"

"Love is gentle and soft, not violent and cruel."

"I'm just an overachieving sidekick."

"What was I supposed to use, huh? You threw our only good cutting knife at a warlord last week. I bet it's still sticking out of his thigh."

"She works in mysterious ways."

"Look we have to cook our food. I'm still waiting for the fish we had for breakfast to stop trying to swim upstream."

"Look, my best friend is Xena, Warrior Princess, and she is not going to like this forced wedding thing, if you get my drift."

"Your Majesty, I'm sorry to disturb you before the wedding, but I thought we should meet sooner or later ... oh, I knew you'd understand. Cold hands, you must be as nervous about this as I am ... or not. The truth is, well, I can't marry you. No, no, it's not you. It's me. I'm not ready for this kind of commitment, which is probably better for you anyway because all of the men I get serious about seem to wind up dead ... your Majesty? ... Mother of Zeus!"

"You know, this hasn't been good for my self-esteem. He didn't like my hands, my walk, my stomach, my curtsey and ... can you curtsey ? ... I hate you ... in a good way."

"You're so practical. Xena, the sea is a beautiful expression of nature. Now, I want you to concentrate on the sound of the waves beating against the shore and I want you to have a sense of peace...alright?!"

"Hey boys! You know where I can find any real men?"

"No, you don't understand the danger. This is a boat...on water...water...boat...my stomach. We don't mix very well. So unless you want a quick and colorful deck washing, I suggest you put me on a boat for shore!"

"That's the only way to judge beauty, not by the price, but how it touches the soul."

"Just between you and me, being chaste can be real hard."

"When it's right, love can be the most potent force in the world."

"I know, it shocked me too, to see how blind I'd been. But, maybe that's what love is, it's blind. I should write that down."

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