Fins, Femmes and Gems
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Gabrielle: "Joxer, are you mad?!"
Joxer: "Mmm."
Gabrielle: "Let me go! Please, I'm getting dirty."

Pink is definately NOT Joxer's color
Joxer: "Gaia like Attus?"
Gabrielle: "Attus is quite a surprise. Here, put something on ... please."
Joxer: "Attus pleasure you with much furious zug-zug first."

Joxer: "What this?"
Gabrielle: "Oh, no no no no, that's mine (a pink nighty? ... I wonder who she wears that for?). A garment of this quality can only adorn a perfect body."
Joxer: (performs nice big stretching yawn)
Gabrielle: "Put it on. Quick."
Joxer: "Mmm. Soft like baby monkey."
Gabrielle: "What?"

Xena: "Gabrielle! ... Monkey-Man, you bring her back! ... You know, you to are beginning to irritate me with these obsessions of yours and ... FISH DON'T JUST CATH THEMSELVES!!!"

Gabrielle: "Attus! Attus, unhand me, you beast."
Joxer: "Mmm. Bride want food?"
Gabrielle: "Uh ... No, no thank you. I ... I had a late breakfast."
Joxer: "Mmm. Then, now zug-zug!"
Gabrielle: "I could ... do with a few ants."

Xena: "Gabrielle! ... Gabrielle!"
Gabrielle: "She's come for me. I knew she would. She can't live without me for a minute. Not that I could blame her."

Joxer: "Now I take you to Raging River where for three moons we make furious zug-zug."

Tarzan he ain't
Xena: "Gabrielle!"
Joxer: "Oh! Great White Monkey Xena come for Princess Gaia ... Animals! Animals of the Jungle! Listen to me! Billy Goats! Form running positions! Elephants! Suck water from Great River! Form moat! Great Eagle! Come down and collect me so that I may swoop down upon her! ... Come down and collect me so that I may swoop down upon her! ... OOH! Damn You! You ungrateful animals!"

Gabrielle: "Xena, you saved me. The world will thank you for rescuing such an unbridled beauty. Your name will be legendary ... like Gabrielle the Great, Gabrielle of Troy ...
Xena: "... here fishy fishy fishy ..."
Gabrielle: "... or Lady Gabrielle, Gabrielle of the Nile ... wait, there's more ... Gabrielle of Olympus, Gabrielle and the four seasons ..."
Nice catch

Hey, Gabs, nice color
Xena: "What are you doing?"
Gabrielle: "Oh, I'm just highlighting perfection with some berry juice."
Xena: "Yeah, it looks good on you. Only they're not berries. They're crushed bugs I was using for bait."

Xena: "Gabrielle ... uh ... you know that diamond we were looking for earlier?"
Gabrielle: "Diamond? Was that today?"
Xena: "Yes. I've never seen it, but I've ... uh ... heard that it's perfect ... just like you."
Gabrielle: "I'm glad you can finally admit that, Xena. You know, that must have been difficult for you. I realize the envy I inspire."
Xena: "Right. Well, that's why Aphrodite wanted it. I know that now."
Gabrielle: "What do you mean?"
Xena: "She thinks of herself as the perfect female, immortal or otherwise."
Gabrielle: "She thinks that she's the perfect female?"
Xena: "She obviously thinks that the perfect diamond was something she should be wearing. It's like a badge announcing her as the most beautiful creature in the universe."
Gabrielle: "Let's go, Xena."
Xena: "Where?"
Gabrielle: "To get the diamond. If it's perfection, I should possess it."
Xena: "Oh, I'm sorry, Gabrielle, but I feel a bite coming on. But, Maecenus should be passing by this lake soon. Uh ... maybe you ..."

Xena: "You go, Gabrielle! You're beautiful when your angry."

Xena: "Joxer!"
Joxer: "Oh! Oh!"
Xena: "I mean, Attus, come here."
Joxer: "Eee Eee Eee Oh."
Xena: "You want the princess, right?"
Joxer: "Attus want."
Xena: "You need the Princess, right?"
Joxer: "Attus need. Ah-Ah-Ah."
Xena: "Well, here's what you do ..."

Between a rock and her ego
Gabrielle: "Hold it boys. Do you think that I'm not used to men chasing me? Same old story. I can't believe I'm beginning to chafe. Okay, look. I'm sure that even people of your ilk can appreciate perfection, right?"
Maecenus: "Sure we can ... kill her!"

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