Send in the Clones
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Alexis: "Physically, the clones are complete. Now we just need to use the clips to bring them to life."

Lea: "So, your man in Macedonia really came through, huh?"
Alexis: "He promised me two strands of hair from the Tomb of the Scrolls … [pulls Lea's moderately wandering hand away from Gabrielle] … he delivered. My carbon testing shows the hairs to be between two and three thousand years old."
Polly: "Two ancient Mycenaean heroes alive in the 21st century. From here on, the world will be a better place."
Alexis: "If we can wake them successfully. Right now, they're just clones of the originals. Xena and Gabrielle's memories and personalities are dormant."
Mack: "Yeah, but they're great to look at just the way they are."

'Don't be a male clichι'
Lea: "Don't be a male clichι. You telling me you're excited by looking at lifeless female forms that have no mind or personality?"
Mack: "Yeah."

Alexis: "The disks?"
Mack: "Oh, sure. I gotta be honest with you, though, Gab fan here loaded this first one up pretty heavily with Gabrielle stuff."
Polly: "Yeah, you'd think all they did was sit around at baths and campfires emoting."
Lea: "I included other things, but I feel very strongly that Gabrielle is the most important relationship in Xena's life."
Mack: "If you start talking about subtext, I'm gonna barf."
Polly: "We're not bringing her back to life to counsel the lovelorn. She's gotta be able to kick ass!" … [the three Xenites begin to argue]
Alexis: "Uh, we'll settle this later. Polly, could you prepare the clones for download, please?"
Polly: "Okay."

Polly: "All set."
Lea: "Let's start with the official video salute to Gabrielle to the tune of Bette Midler's `Wind Beneath My Wings.'"
Mack: "Whoa, they need a wake-up call, not sleep aids."
Alexis: "Let's start with Polly's selection."
Lea: "But, Gabrielle is more important than Xena's fighting skills."
Alexis: "In the overall picture, sure, but she's a warrior, first and foremost. Use Polly's selection …"

[Xena kicks some bad-guy-butt in Chakram.]
Polly: [enjoying the sight of the Warrior Princess kicking ass immensely] … "Pow! Whoo-hoo! Hoo!"

Xena: "Give it your best shot." … [kicks some Livia ass]

[Athena throws a few bolts at Xena] -- Motherhood

Lea: "Oh, she looked so dangerous in this …"

[Xena kicks some Persian ass] -- One Against an Army
Mack: "That one, I loved that one …"

[Lucifer momentarily gets the upper hand on Xena.] -- Heart of Darkness
Lea: "That's not a stunt double, that one …"

Xena: "Your kingdom awaits!" … [throws Lucifer into Hell] -- Heart of Darkness
Polly: "They're not responding. No R.E.M. no synaptic or adrenal reactions."

Mack: [Alexis stops the feed] … "Hey what'd you stop it for? That was rocking."
Lea: "She needs a dose of Gabby. That'll jump-start her heart."
Mack: "Heart, schmart. Maybe we're going all about this the wrong way. Maybe we need a more hands-on approach … [approaching Xena's form lecherously] … What about a bit of cardiac massage?"
Lea: "He could be right … [leaning towards Gabby's form lecherously] … Or, mouth-to-mouth."
Polly: "Maybe what you two need is a bucket of cold water … or your asses kicked."

Lea: "Think about the fun they had together, the baths they shared."
Mack: "If you're talking about their 'special' relationship, I'm into that."
Alexis: "Uh, you know what? I think that's it for today. If we download too much, they could go crazy."

Polly: "When they wake up, they'll need clothes. I ordered their costumes from the catalog. I'll bring them in tomorrow."
Lea: "I can't wait to dress them!"

[Later that night, a dark form enters the lab and places a disk into the computer entitled "Evil Xena."]

Xena: "You'll be dead in thirty seconds. But know this, you won't be the last. Tell Hades to prepare himself. A new Xena is born tonight, with a new purpose in life … death." -- Destiny

[Xena out-Amazons the Amazons.] -- Adventures in the Sin Trade

Xena: "I say ... kill'em all!" -- The Debt

Xena: "Put her on the cross … Break her legs." - Armageddon Now, Part 2

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