Old Ares had a Farm
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Gabrielle: "Maybe he buried it."
Ares: "Oh, you are so quick to blame Horace."
Xena: "Well, who else would steal your gauntlet?"

Greba: "Hello. Bad news Gasgar's turned his army around and is heading back down the valley. A soldier in his army was drunk in a tavern in Ipeiros last night and he says that Gasgar is heading for this farm. Somehow, Gasgar has it in his head that Ares is here. Goodness, aren't people just the funniest things?"
Xena: "Thank you, Greba."
Greba: "Oh, and I also heard that--"
Xena: "Greba, go away."
Greba: "Well, goodbye."

Demetrius: "Gasgar Xena's here."
Gasgar: "Good. Send her in I thought you were headed for the Hurata Pass, Xena."
Xena: "And I heard you turned your army around. I didn't want to waste you time. Ares headed through here a couple of days--"
Gasgar: "That's not gonna play [tosses Ares' gauntlet towards her] Ares' gauntlet. A dog found it on a farm a farm you happened to ride up on when Demetrius was in the middle of an interrogation. Why are you trying to hide Ares, Xena?"
Gabrielle: "I'll tell you why."

'I'm tired of being used by you, Xena'
Xena: "Gabrielle, what are you doing here?"
Gabrielle: "I'm tired of being used by you, Xena."
Xena: "Gabrielle, this is not the time for one of your little spats."

Gabrielle: "You want to know where Ares is?"
Gasgar: "Yeah."
Xena: "Don't listen to her, she's insane."
Gabrielle: "I'll tell you who's insane - you, if you think you can walk away from me. You've fallen in love with Ares and suddenly I'm nothing."

'You want a piece of me'
Gasgar: "You've fallen in love with Ares? After all he's done to ya? That's pathetic."
Xena: "You want a piece of me, Gasgar?!"
Gasgar: "None of my business, really."
Xena: "Damn straight!"

Gasgar: "You were about to tell me where Ares is."
Gabrielle: "Yeah."
Xena: "Wouldn't do that if I were you, Gabrielle."

'I may be tougher than you think'
Gabrielle: "Xena, you taught me how to fight. I may be tougher than you think [jumps up and shoves her with her breasts] Ares is headed for Pultruis. He's going to hide in a mountain cave."
Xena: "Why, I ought'a "
Gabrielle: "Come on, Warrior Princess. Let's see what you got."

[The girls start duking it out. Gabrielle finds a box of ceramic jars and begins chucking them across the room at Xena who easily dodges out of the way.]

Gasgar: "Whoa! Can we take this outside? Okay, I'll leave How far to Pultruis?"
Demetrius: "It's a day's ride."

Xena: "Alright. Nice moves."

'Guess you don't need those flute girls after all'
Ares: "Horace! Oh yeah! Come on!"
Gabrielle: "Guess you don't need those flute girls after all."
Ares: "Hey, I like his company. It's not like he takes care of all my problems."

Ares: "So, what happened with Gasgar?"
Xena: "Oh, he headed with the others up to the Pultruis Caves. He thought you were hiding out there for some reason."
Ares: "That would be the Pultruis where the beast with seven heads makes his lair?"
Gabrielle: "Eight heads. Not one of them friendly."
Xena: "So, you can stay here for as long as you want. No one will bother you here."
Ares: "Thanks, Xena. But to be honest, once I'm out of chickens, I might just move on."

'Good boy'
Xena: "Well, you should drag it out. You know, you might find the kind of peace here that you won't find afterwards. And, who knows, I might come and visit you sometime."
Ares: "Or, I could give this whole rural thing a good try." [leans in to kiss Xena sigh, when will he ever learn?]
Xena: "Good boy. Have fun."

'I was lucky then, and I'm lucky now'
Gabrielle: "How you feeling?"
Xena: "I've learned something since coming back here. You can't look for peace in the world around you. You have to look for it in your own heart. I was happy when I was a kid here because I was loved and felt like I belonged. I was lucky then, and I'm lucky now."
Gabrielle: "Me, too."

DISCLAIMER: Ares went to the dogs during the making of this motion picture.

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