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"I have seen so many changes in you, things that I could never have expected. But, as hard as the changes have been you've got to know that it's all been for a reason. All this is for a reason, otherwise, what's the point?"

"Running away isn't a solution. It's what cowards do when they're not willing to fight for what they believe in."

"The eyes of a child are innocent. They can see the world in ways that we have long forgotten."

"If there's one thing that I've learned it's that anything that looks too good to be true usually is."

"When it comes to special powers I have learned that you can't be too careful."

"Some people see Evil everywhere."

"There are spirits good and bad, but they are smart, and sometimes you can't tell one from the other."

"Some things just don't bear thinking too much about. Some things you've just got to take on Faith."

"The blood of an innocent gives Power to no one. I should know."

"Fear is a flaw, a subtle human flaw given to us by the gods so that they can exploit us."

"Peace might be boring, but it's all anyone really wants."

"The guilt of killing never goes away, nor should it. But, you're first kill is definitely the worse."

"There's always another point of view."

"When you're young you think that answers are simplified. You think you can find them at the point of a sword. Well, you're wrong. I just pray that you live long enough to put down your sword and look for those answers inside yourself."

"We don't kill just the sake of it."

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