Maternal Instincts
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Xena: "I'm so sorry. Kaleipus was one of the finest people I ever knew."
Solan: "Like my father ... and my mother. Why does everyone I love die? Is it me?"
Xena: "No. No, of course not."
Solan: "Then why are they dead? Everyone who loved me."
Xena: "They're not, you still have m- ... many, many friends, and they've all said how much they love you and want you to come live with them."
Solan: "But I don't want to. I want to live with you."
Xena: "What?"
Solan: "I won't be any trouble, I promise. I'll catch my own food and keep up and I'm hardly ever sick."
Xena: "Solan, I don't think ..."
Solan: "Please, my uncle always said that if anything ever happened to him you'd be there for me."
Xena: "And he was right. But all your ties are here. Don't you want to be with someone you know, someone that you care about?"
Solan: "Yes ... you."

What's one more adolescent tag-long
Solan: "You said we were friends, and real friends are like family, right?"
Xena: "Like family."
Solan: "Then take me with you ... please, don't leave me."
Xena: "When all this is over, you be packed and ready to go. We've got a lot to talk about, we might as well do it on the road."

Callisto: "Hope, what's happened?"
Hope: "That half-assed old man. He caught me coming for Solan."
Callisto: "So you had to kill him, and look what it's done to you, weak as a little kitten, which means Solan is mine."
Hope: "No! You have to get me out of here ... Leave me now and join the rest of your puny gods when Dahak destroys them. Lose everything I promised ... everything Dahak brings."
Callisto: "Well, what's a little more time? And, when you're well, we'll obliterate them all."
Hope: "No, better to crush their dreams, destroy their future. We'll kill what they love the most, their children."

Gabrielle: "Where have you been? I have been looking all over for you. You said that you would wait here, remember?"
Hope: "I'm sorry, but she wouldn't let me. I tried to get away, but she ..."
Gabrielle: "Who? Who, Callisto?"
Hope: "I have this power to move things. I don't know why. She says it's because I'm evil."
Gabrielle: "That is s lie. You are not evil. Never believe that."
Hope: "My mother thought so. She tried to drown me in a basket. She wanted me dead."
Gabrielle: "She wasn't trying to drown you. She was trying to save your life."

Hope evil? ... nah
Hope: "You weren't there! You don't know!"
Gabrielle: "I do. The basket's all there was. I ... I had to put you in it or watch you be killed. Now I had no choice. I loved you."
Hope: "You ... you loved me?"
Gabrielle: "I prayed that the gods protect you, and they did. They brought you home."

Hope: "We have to go. I'm sorry, Mommy, it was me. I helped Callisto get out, and now she's coming for the kids. We have to go!"
Gabrielle: "Wait. Wait, Xena has to know this."
Hope: "No, Xena hates me."
Gabrielle: "She doesn't hate you. She just doesn't understand. Now she will see what I've know all along, that you can fight your dark side ... just like her."

Hope: "I'm scared. If Callisto finds out I told, she'll kill me. She will."
Gabrielle: "She will not find out. I will take you to the safest place there is until we can go, okay?"
Hope: "The safest place? You promise?"
Gabrielle: "I cross my heart."

Hope: "Solan?"
Solan: "That's right."
Hope: "The safest place there is."

Ephiny: "The children? She's targeting the children?"
Gabrielle: "She's coming from the south."
Ephiny: "I'll round up the kids, get them to the caverns."

Is the glass 1/2 full, or 1/2 empty?
Xena: "What makes you think we can trust this child?"
Gabrielle: "What makes you think that we can't? Xena, she gave us Callisto's plan."
Xena: "Exactly. Callisto wouldn't tell her anything she didn't want us to hear. The child's probably a pawn ... or worse."
Gabrielle: "That is not true. Xena, you were always so quick to blame her, weren't you? She is not evil. She's not."

Xena: "Hope. The child is Hope?"
Gabrielle: "I'm sorry. I never meant to lie. Xena, I couldn't kill her. She's my daughter. You're a mother. You know this. I had to save her."
Will you ever learn to trust my judgement?

Defending her Demon spawn daughter
Xena: "Maybe it's not too late. She's young. Poison will kill her if her powers aren't mature."
Gabrielle: "Xena, she is my child!"
Xena: "She is not a child! She is a body, a vessel, an instrument for evil, that is all!"
Gabrielle: "You are wrong. Xena, Hope is the victim here! That's why I sent her to Kaleipus' hut, so she'd be safe from Callisto."
Xena: "You sent her to Kaleipus' hut?!"

The ultimate betrayal
Xena: "Solan? ... Solan? ... hey, Solan ..."
Gabrielle: "Xena? ... No ..."
Xena: "Get out."
Gabrielle: "Xena ..."
Xena: "GO!"

Xena: "Solan ... Solan, please. I'm here now. Your momma's here now, just like you always wanted."

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