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Karmenus: (to Amarice) "Thank you, whoever you are. I'm not sure the pirates can afford Xena, but Pompey can find a buyer somewhere."

Me and this army
Xena: "I'm gonna give you one chance, Karmenus. You give up now and I'll go easy on ya."
Karmenus: "Oh please, you and what army?"
Xena: "Now! ... Me and this army."

Xena: "Round up all the men that are still alive. I want to take them to the village. That's where Pompey will be headed next."
Amarice: "Lucky for them, we have just the Queen for the situation ... sorry."

Amarice: "I did good, I really fooled them."
Xena: "Yes, you did."

Pompey: "Xena, always Xena. I get this close to victory and she turns up. I used to think all her hatred was reserved for Caesar, but now I'm beginning to wonder."

Pompey: "Break camp. We move back to Amazon land in the morning."
Karmenus: "They'll be ready this time."
Pompey: "Xena's left me no choice. We attack ... and this time we don't leave any behind."

Gabrielle: "We want to talk about peace between Xena and Caesar."
Brutus: "Impossible"

Brutus: "Can you blame Caesar for hating Xena? Look at all she's done to him."
Gabrielle: "What?"
Brutus: "Xena interfered in Caesar's war with Pompey. He would have been out of the picture long ago if it wasn't for her."
Gabrielle: "Xena was trying to stop a war."
Brutus: "And why do you think there was a war? Because of Pompey. He opposes everything Caesar wants for Rome. Peace. Prosperity. A return to the Republic."
Gabrielle: "We really know Caesar's"

Brutus: "Caesar doesn't care about the Amazons. What happened was an accident. We can make sure this doesn't happen again."
Gabrielle: "I can. As Queen of the Amazons I propose a treaty of Peace to Caesar ... we're not afraid to fight or to die."
Brutus: "You surprise me ... I accept."

Setting plans in motion
Gabrielle: "What do you think?"
Xena: "Well, he's not Caesar, but he may be the chink in Caesar's armor."

Shilopa: "They outnumber us 3 to 1."
Xena: "That's alright, he'll come straight on."
Shilopa: "Is he that foolish?"
Xena: "No, but he's that angry."

Gabrielle: "What is this?"
Amarice: "Isn't it great? Pompey's got to get through his own men just to get to us. And when he does, we light the pit."
Gabrielle: "You light a pit?"
Amarice: "This one's filled with oil. While they're trying to untie their men we toss in a torch and ‘poof' ... Pompey-Que."

Gabrielle: "Xena?"
Xena: "Gabrielle, Pompey outnumbers us. We need every advantage we can get."
Gabrielle: "You put them on crosses."
Xena: "If that's what it takes to preserve Ephiny's tribe, then that's what I'll do."

Ooh, my favorite game ... Queen of the mountain
Gabrielle: "I thought Pompey was coming from the north."
Xena: "He is, that's ..."
Brutus: "... Zelapus. That's the legion I was to command once I found Pompey. Caesar's taking advantage of the situation."
Xena: "Pompey hits us from the north and Caesar hits us from the south. In getting to Pompey, Caesar wants to obliterate us."

Xena: "Brutus, if I hand you over to Pompey he's going to kill you."
Brutus: "I'm willing to take that chance ... and I don't think you have much choice."
Xena: "That's where you're wrong, I do have choices. I've had choices since I first captured you. No, I think I'd rather give you back to Caesar."

Xena: "We don't kill just the sake of it."

Brutus: "I'm taking command, Zelapus."
Zelapus: "The honor of command is yours, as always."
Brutus: "Give the order to wheel eastward. We're taking Pompey from the side ... and bring out the artillery. We're gonna blast a path right through to Pompey's command."

Xena: "Protect Gabrielle."
Amarice: "Are you kidding me?"
Xena: "You heard me, do as I say."

Amarice: "You better get back to camp. You might get hurt."
Gabrielle: "You don't know me very well."

Gabrielle: "Hold your positions ... we have to wait and give Xena more time ... hold the line ... FOR EPHINY!!!"

Pompey: "Wait! If you kill me, Caesar gains control. You know it and I know it. That's the balance I give you, Xena. It's always been like that. You may hate us both, but without one you can't control the other. Now, if you let me live, well, we can't destroy the world if we're trying to destroy each other, can we?"
Xena: (Pompey makes the mortal mistake of trying to attack Xena from behind and loses his head) "It's not about balance anymore."

Brutus: "Well, your plan worked."
Xena: "If you want to stay alive, don't mention my name to Caesar. The plan was yours."

Brutus: "Xena, your vision of Caesar is blinded by hatred. He is the only hope to restore the democracy of the Republic."
Xena: "A man like you would do well in his democracy, huh?"

Xena: "Brutus, your faith in Caesar is misplaced. One day you're going to have to decide whether you're Caesar's man or your own."
Brutus: "Never, I know Caesar. He wouldn't betray a friend."
Xena: "Pompey was a friend ... and Crassus, wasn't Crassus a friend, too? I was once a very good friend of his, but maybe you're special."

Caesar: "Pompey's changed his hair-style, too bad."
Brutus: "I'm afraid I was unable to bring him back alive as you requested, Caesar."
Caesar: "Alive or dead, no matter. He's out of Rome's way. Now, the future can begin."

And so the seeds of betrayal are sown
Brutus: "This is a personal message from the Queen of the Amazons to Caesar, Ruler of all Rome. A peace treaty. The Queen of the Amazons promises to respect the territories of ..."
Caesar: "If they're not under my control, Brutus, they're a threat."

Caesar: "There was a rumor that Xena was headed towards the Amazons. Any word to that?"
Brutus: "No, not that I'm aware of."
Caesar: "Her time will come. Thank you, Brutus, you're a loyal friend."

All hail the new Queen
Shilopa: "Are you sure?"
Gabrielle: "Shilopa, you would make a better Queen than I."
Shilopa: "But, you have wisdom that I don't have."
Gabrielle: "There's a trick to that. When you need to make a decision, think of Ephiny. Do what she would do."

Gabrielle: "This is so unreal Xena. I don't know why I don't just cry."
Xena: "Maybe you're trying to hard, or maybe part of you knows that Ephiny didn't die in vain. She made a difference with her life, and in her death she became a symbol. One way or another, the Amazons will go on."

Amarice: "Well, when do we leave?"
Xena: "I thought you were staying here with the tribe."
Amarice: "I gave it a shot long enough to know it's not my place. I mean, they're all great and everything, but they treat me like a kid."
Gabrielle: "You are a kid."
Amarice: "Right, and you're a warrior."

Amarice: "I was thinking about what you said, Xena, about not finding my answers at the end of a sword, and it seemed to make sense ... and then I started thinking about old Pompey and it seems to me that he found an answer at the end of yours."
Gabrielle: "Amarice, did you not find any philosophy behind those words?"
Amarice: "Yeah, kick butt and take names later."
Xena: (to Gabrielle) "It's going to take some time."

Farewell, Ephiny.
A stoic warrior

DISCLAIMER: Pompey's rule came to a head during the making of this motion picture.

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