The Debt,
Part II

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Xena, Destroyer of Nations and All-Around Bad Girl

Ming T'ien: (to Gabrielle) "Don't feel like you failed. I would have executed her no matter what she said. It's amazing really, she did all this out of some gratitude to Lao Ma for saving her life. I suppose even wild beasts have a sense of loyalty sometimes."
Gabrielle: "Can I see her?"
Ming T'ien: "Oh, yes. Now that she's condemned, you can see her. I'm not a monster, you know."

Gabrielle: "Can we talk? Of course not. I betrayed you. The pathetic thing is, I thought I was saving you. My reverence for life kept a brutal tyrant in power and led to my best friend's execution. I know you hate me Xena, no more than I hate myself."

Xena: "I know you only did what you thought was right. I was angry with you, but I didn't hate you ... I never could."

Now that I've gotten you condemned
Gabrielle: "I think I understand why you thought you had to kill Ming T'ien. It was Lao Ma's last request and she saved your life."
Xena: "Not just my life ... she saved my soul ... my spirit ... my entire being."

Lao Ma: "Stop, Xena! Just stop! Stop willing ... stop desiring ... stop hating!"
*** Xena: "That was the moment I could have done it, right then. I could have just let go and buried all my hatred forever. That was my chance."

Xena: "What is he (Borias) doing here?"
Lao Ma: "We're going to have peace in this land and the two of you are going to help bring about it."
Xena: "You've got to be kidding."
Lao Ma: "Tomorrow, Ming Tzu comes here to talk with Borias and me. We are going to include him in a three-way alliance."
Xena: "If you think that I am playing servant girl to these two than you have another think ..."
Lao Ma: "Quiet. I plan on informing Ming Tzu about your presence. He has to accept that."

Lao Ma: "You're going to help me run the Kingdom of Lao. You'll be my warrior princess."

Lao Ma: "Tomorrow, you ask for Ming's forgiveness. Today, you are going to learn how to deal with Borias ... Xena is capable of profound loyalty, Borias. She just doesn't know it yet ... I'm going to leave both of you alone. It serves both your interests to get along. If you kill each other ... so be it."

Gabrielle: "So, you and Borias made up."
Xena: "Oh yeah, we made up. I also asked Ming Tzu for his forgiveness."

Ming Tzu: "You expect me to forgive the woman who kidnaped my son? Then, permit to point out a detail that perhaps you missed. Xena belongs to me. She is my property."
Lao Ma: "Ming Tzu, I know a man of you wisdom wouldn't endanger an important treaty by holding a grudge."
Ming Tzu: "To have the treaty I must forgive her? Then, I apologize for wasting your time. Ming T'ien, let us go."

Xena: "Lao Ma, if I may make a suggestion. Ming Tzu is a man of great courage. I say you should put me up as the stakes in a game of chance and see who wins."
Ming Tzu: "Excuse me, but I do not have to play such a game. You belong to me now."
Borias: "I have a claim on Xena. I discovered her, so to speak."
Lao Ma: "And I was fortunate enough to save her."
Xena: "An I should say I belong to myself. It should be an interesting game."

Ming Tzu: "This is ridiculous, gambling over this worthless whore. Why don't we throw something of value into the pot?"
Xena: "Alright, let's say the winner gets me and a body part from each of the losers."
Ming Tzu: "What do you mean?"
Xena: "A body part. Minimum bet is a hand."
Borias: "I'm in."
Lao Ma: "I don't want anyone's body part."
Xena: "Then I'm sure we all pray that you win. What about you, Ming Tzu? You got the jewels for this one?"
Ming Tzu: "Fine, all in one throw."

I win ...
Xena: "I win ... Pay up."

Lao Ma: "This is ridiculous."
Xena: "I want a piece of him."
Ming Tzu: "You're crazy."
Borias: "Then you're not going to pay up."
Ming Tzu: "Are you?"
Borias: "Yes. I give you my heart."
Xena: "I accept ... I'll settle for that from you too, Ming Tzu ... you heart."

Ming Tzu: "That's it. I'm getting out of here. Ming T'ien, we're leaving this madhouse."
Xena: "Not until I collect my winnings."

A new form of discipline?
Xena: "Now for the kid."
Lao Ma: "What are you doing?"
Xena: "Now we can wipe out the entire line. Then, it will just be the House of Lao. We can rule the whole Kingdom of Chin together, You can do all your noble stuff and Borias and I will keep the peace. We'll have some laughs along the way."

Xena: "She had such dreams of peace for her land ... and for my soul. I ruined them all. It was years before I finally understood what she wanted from me. Not long before I met you I was at the end of my rope. I was ready to give up. And then, I thought of her and what she taught me, and I was reborn. That's the debt."
Gaurd: "It's time."

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