The Bitter Suite
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"You're lost and confused but I understand,
This once beloved friend has been slain by your hand.
You feel alone, betrayed and adrift.
But maybe her loss can be viewed as a gift.

Now I'll be your rock, your strength and support,
You're close confidant with whom you can consort.
I know you completely.
Come melt into me.
Unleash the power of your destiny.

You've proved to yourself now that you've made the kill
That you're just like me
With as evil a will.
Our forces are meant to be merged into one.
The world will be panicked when our work is done.

Let the music of war, with its lust for refrain
Arouse us to heights with a passionate strain.

Imagine how awesome together we'd be.
So feel what I'm feeling.
Come melt into me."
Well, now that you've killed your best friend ...

The sultry God of War and a sullen Warrior Princess ...

... dance the night away
"Did that fill you glee
To kill your little friend.
Did that ease your suffering
Or bring it to an end.
Let go ...
All of your anger will poison you yet,
Unless you can just -- let go."
Now, there's an interesting three-some

"Nothing more need be said.
Ding, dong, the bitch is dead."

The sword slipped ... really
Xena: "I killed Gabrielle."
Gabrielle: "You killed me. By the gods, Xena, you killed me. I knew you were trying before, Xena, but I ..."
Xena: "No ... no ... I didn't ... none of this is real ... Ares and Callisto ... Joxer ... I didn't kill you, I killed an illusion."
Gabrielle: "Is that supposed to make me feel better?"

Gabrielle: "What is that?"
Xena: "Us. Somehow, it's all about us. Everything about this Illusia place has been bright and cheery, the music, the colors. But, this place is dark. It's meant to scare us."
Gabrielle: "What if you're wrong?"
Xena: "You got any better ideas?"
Gabrielle: "You're asking me? Well, that's a first. You know, ever since we've met you've always made the decisions."
Xena: "That's because you take so long to reach one, always weighing the pro's and con's ... con's ... con's ... con's ... con's ..."
Gabrielle: "What's causing that?"
Xena: "We are ...or, I should say, you are."
Gabrielle: "There you go again, always blaming me for everything. Xena, why is it never your fault?"
Xena: "It's the past. Every time we accuse each other about the past the echoes start and we can't hear one another."
Gabrielle: "Well, how do we stop it?"
Xena: "Tell me how you feel, nothing about the past, right now."
Gabrielle: "I hurt inside! Don't you?"
We've got to cut back on the henbane

Getting a little ticked off


"My heart is hurting beyond words.
The pain is tearing up my soul.
These days have seen my spirit die,
My life propelled out of control.
My wounds lie naked to the world,
My depth of suffering exposed.
This damaged past can never heal
Until this nightmare book is closed."
"My heart is hurting beyond words.
The pain is tearing up my soul.
Please tell me how can I retrieve
The life that all this sadness stole.
Because of you this happened,
Because you had to carry out your vengeful
little plans."
"It's you who should feel guilty.
Because of you my child is dead,
His blood is on your hands."
"If only you had never brought me there."
"If only you had done what you were told."
"It's you who's to be blamed."
"And you should be ashamed."
"It's your fault."
"No it's yours."
"How could you."
"How could you."

You talkin' about me?

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